Tapestries EP release ‘As the World She Burns’

Tapestries EP release ‘As the World She Burns’

Entree: €13,30
Zaterdag 01 oktober / 19:30 - 22:30

Tapestries are a band from Utrecht, weaving their sound from a mix of psychedelica, African desertblues and indierock.
This past year the band has been working towards releasing their newest work ‘As the World She Burns’. This bundle of songs features the 11 minute title track with a blazing video made with graphic artist Timo Hoogland, that will also see the light this day.
With this celebration of music we want to create a feeling of togetherness and love, and let our voice be heard that these times cry out for new ways of living.

Custom-made visuals from the video will be projected onto the stage for the electric part of the show. Chris from gARTbage will have some his work made from garbage in the streets on display. Right before the show your senses will be tickled with an ethereal 3D soundmeditation by Gwen Sierra. And to begin all of this, we have the amazing Geonne Hartman opening up.

20:30: Doors
21:00: Geonne Hartman
21:30: Gwen Sierra – 3D soundmeditiation
21:45: Tapestries
23:30: End

Pre-sale tickets only 12,50.

Intimate, folky indie with a quirky twist

Geónne Hartman is a singer-songwriter from Utrecht (NL). She takes you on a whimsical journey through the dreamscape she so skillfully shapes with her music. Her soft, clear voice strings together the poetic lyrics under the guidance of her intricate fingerpicking.
Her inspiration stems from strong female artists like Phoebe
Bridgers, The Weather Station and Laura Marling.

Colombian Filmmaker and Photographer

Gwen uses analog processes and sound as a medium to practice presence and conscious awareness. 3D sound meditation experience is a collaboration with musician Twan Bracco Gardner, who will be in charge of the sound this evening. A mix of electronic and ancestral Mexican instruments, ceramic hand made replicas made by Musician Osvaldo Padron.

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