Rats and Daggers presents: Beware of Banshees 2024

Rats and Daggers presents: Beware of Banshees 2024

Zaterdag 17 augustus / 14:00

A festival that showcases loud music and a new norm for gender diversity on stage.

A sick, full day festival of heavy grunge by Peuk (BE), avant gabber by Plastic Persoon, post-metal by Ontaard, riot punk by Periot and Aqua Tofana (FR), queer industrial artpunk by Designer Violence and DJ sets by Onegg and Yssie & Rattekop.

The festival starts early at 14:00 this year! Come join an adult skateboard clinic by Women Skate the World and Skatepark Utrecht (skateboards and helmets provided), get a tattoo in the banshee tattoo parlor from @Shiratja or @WIMsWIM, create feminist & queer zines, watch riot punk at the outside stage, impromptu spoken word in theme and dance to some tunes all before the heavy program starts in the barracks at 19:00.

The third edition of Beware of Banshees takes place once again in de Nijverheid, the cultural refuge of Utrecht and a safe space. You can buy either a regular ticket, or a donation based ticket to donate 2 euros to Women Skate the World, who work on empowering girls, trans, and gender-queer young skateboarders in the Netherlands.

Tickets skateboard Clinics
availablevia ticketlink 

Timetable outside:

15:00 – Onegg DJ set

16:00 – Periot

16:45 – Yssie & Rattekop DJ set

18:00 – Aqua Tofana (FR)

18:45 – Woorden op wieltjes

20:00 – Onegg DJ set

21:30 – Yssie & Rattekop Silent Disco DJ set

23:00 – Onegg Silent Disco DJ set


Timetable barracks:

14:00 – Adult skateboard clinic for 8

14:45 – Adult skateboard clinic for 8

15:30 – Adult skateboard clinic for 8

16:15 – Doors closed

18:45 – Doors open

19:15 – Designer Violence

20:45 – Ontaard

22:15 – Peuk (BE)

23:45 – Plastic Persoon