Culture Shock

Donderdag 18 juli / 20:00 - 22:00
The summer tradition continues and our friends from De Voorkamer will be bringing double acts of Culture Shock again to the terrace! The fresh duo of the month is formed of harpist, improviser Lily Azur and singer-songwriter Marta Arpini. We’re very curious and excited to see what comes out of this first time collaboration of two super talented artists from different musical backgrounds.
For the opening of the evening, we’re presenting our long time beloved friends; clarinetist Oriol Marès & oudist Talal Fayad, who got together for a past Culture Shock episode and still continue to make beautiful music together.
Read more about Culture Shock and the musicans below.
Hope to see you there!
20:15 Oriol Marès & Talal Fayad
21:00 Lily Azur & Marta Arpini
21:45 Q&A
Free entrance!
What is Culture Shock?
Culture Shock is a platform for new cross-cultural musical collaborations by De Voorkamer, curated by Yankı Bıçakçı. It facilitates artistic and social experiences where musicians from different cultural backgrounds are invited to create together for the first time, prepare a unique experience and bring it on stage. Every month, a fresh duo debuts their live performance. See more on
Lily Azur
With harp as her main door into music, Lily Azur explores the in between. In between styles — from experimental and free improv, passing by jazz, folk, or classical music textures, with regular stops in electronics realms — in between musical approaches, letting collaborations as well as solo improvisation guide her sound explorations. Minimalist and delicate introvert yet claiming the dissonances and frictions that her instrument offers her, she intuitively weaves the threads of her different worlds, exploring the tapestry of connections between people, ideas, between herself and the otherness, between the artist and the audience, different makers, mediums, places and contexts. She is particularly interested in collaborative work (Still I Rise Collective, Tututu Orchestra, LilyxCelia and more) which in turn informs her compositions and other performances.
Marta Arpini
Marta Arpini’s star is rising thanks to an original mix of indie, folk, alternative and chamber pop. Born in Italy and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Marta intertwines her intimate, diaristic songwriting and storytelling with a peculiar taste for layered arrangements and production – dreamy, enchanted, with hazy melancholy and a constant spark of hopefulness at the same time.
Marta’s songs simultaneously carry innocence – a sort of candor, a joie de vivre – and a profound sense of self, in depth introspection and expression of a wide spectrum of emotions.
Her music is characterized by a predilection for surprising harmonic turns, unconventional forms and a love for tender sounds, tape-y timbres, soft, crystal clear vocals, dusty guitars, misty horns and occasional grand openings and intense passages.
Oriol Marès & Talal Fayad
Oriol Marès & Talal Fayad is a crossover duo from different cultural backgrounds. Oriol Marès is a Latin jazz clarinetist and composer from Barcelona and Talal Fayad is an Oud player and composer from Syria. The two seek to find a common artistic ground through their own arrangements and compositions where each one of them invites the other to a musical space outside his comfort zone.
The journey started thanks to Culture Shock in Utrecht; the concert was a success and they decided to give the project a personal dimension by collaborating with other artists, such as Stefka Music and performing in several cities in the Netherlands and touring to Spain, in prestigious festivals such as Vredesweek, Grachtenfestival (mayor’s house of Amsterdam), Utrecht Chamber Music Festival, and performing for the Dutch national radio, NPO2, as selected musicians from the Grachtenfestival 2023. Now they are focused on
recording their debut album and they got awarded to go to Spain in 2024 for an artistic residence to collaborate with two other musicians and record their debut album.