Sharing Stories

Sharing Stories

Entree: gratis!
Woensdag 24 april / 20:00

“Sharing Stories” is an international storytelling event with the aim of providing a platform for anyone who wishes to share a personal story with the audience – no prior experience required. We strive for an inclusive and safe atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing their stories. “Sharing Stories” not only serves as a platform for storytellers, but also as an event where people from different cultures and backgrounds can meet and connect. Whether you are a seasoned storyteller or simply want to listen and enjoy the stories of others, “Sharing Stories” is a place where you can unwind, listen, and make new connections! So, come to Nijverheid and be part of this unique experience!

For fans of “Echt Gebeurd” and “The Moth” – but in our own cozy café.

The café at De Nijverheid and the exhibitions open at 12:00.

Voor eenieder die wil eten voor het event, biedt PEUZEL (de keuken van de nijverheid) een lekkere doch snelle hap aan.

Dit programma wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Gemeente Utrecht en Provincie Utrecht.